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Welcome To Ocu-Pasión!

Capítulo #1: On a dark and stormy night in New York City, Ocu-Pasión comes to life! Through this thoughtful  introduction, Delsy opens the door to heartfelt conversations on culture and creativity. 

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Hey, thank you for being here. I appreciate you! More episodes to come Dec 2021, so hang tight! Stay tuned for Episode 002 as we begin the interview series.

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Delsy Sandoval, Host

About Ocu-Pasión

The Spanish language title "Ocupasión" is a play on the blending of occupation and passion as a descriptor for creative practice. Through thoughtful dialogue, guests from all walks of life are able to authentically express who they are. The idea is to humanize artists  and create a sense of universalization between all creative people regardless of circumstance. The English Language episodes are centered on the premise that the Latin American community has an innate creative impulse and appreciation for self-expression yet conventional pursuit of creative lifestyles and occupations are often out of reach. In reaction to this premise, this podcast seeks to create dialogue around the question of who gets to be an artist and what gets to be considered a creative life. The intended audience consists of creative working people who want to infuse self expression and artistic engagement into their daily life. The podcast serves as a platform to create community among Latin American people who currently cannot engage in creative expression due to circumstance, lack of access, or fear. The podcast serves to inspire the community to have their voices heard through creative self-expression even if only in small doses. My hope is that the inspiration will not only come from practical tips on how to infuse creativity into your world, but from the elation that comes from telling the stories of beauty, joy, and magic within the culture.